How Web hosting Is Also A Major Determinant With Website design And SEO For Online Presence

For a website to appear online, there are some vitals aspects need to be considered. A beautifully conceptualized website, with a stunning design and flawless development are most vital components that are inevitable for bringing a website online. Publishing a website on the World Wide Web needs a good hosting service along with a domain name server. And to promote the website so as to make it traceable among the millions and billions of websites one needs some components of SEO. So if we analyze, it need a perfect combination of all aspects that is essential for making a website visible and accountable online. But pity is that most people seem to ignore some of these essential aspects and only focus on designing and development of a website before publishing them online. In this article let’s have a look at how Web hosting also plays a major role in making a website economically viable and generating business.

Hosting is the base of everything:

How much effort you may put in designing and coding a website, unless it is online, there is no apparent benefit from it. A website needs a hosting space to be visible online. Hosting space is a virtual server rented from hosting service providers for plating and publishing a website. Unless the hosting servers perform well, it is obvious that the website may not be able to render properly as per the visitors’ requests. Hosting servers offer certain bandwidth as per the web hosting plans. Unless the bandwidth is chosen as per requirement, the web site may get hanged frequently with more and more traffic. Also any technical issues with the hosting service will result in downtime for a website even if the website design is perfect.

Hosting services may be affected by virus and malware:

If a hosting server is affected by virus or malware or phishing or spywares. These infect the codes of hosted websites and renders improper information to the visitors. Such infection can also transmit virus or steal sensitive information from visitors’ computers. This is the reason why search engines usually remove the websites from their indexing upon detecting such virus or malware in a hosting server. So even if a website is promoted with SEO, it needs to be hosted on a reliable web hosting server in order to deliver good results with high uptime.

Improper Hosting can steer away visitors:

If a hosting server doesn’t perform well for rendering a website, there is high chance that visitors may not visit that website for the second time. These factors are extremely slow loading time, non-rending proper files, extreme slow loading or pictures and videos, handing up frequently, etc. If a hosting service is not offering a better server configuration with higher bandwidth, the sites won’t be rendered properly for the visitors. Such erratic behavior of hosting server results in distraction for a visitor and visitors won’t prefer to visit such websites for their requirements, even if the website design is nice and the codes are crisp.

Keeping the above three factors in mind, we can come to a conclusion that web hosting is equally important for a website as its design, development and promotion through SEO or any other method. Hence selection of web hosting service has to be dealt with adequate attention in order to make a website functional and well-appreciated by its target visitors.

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